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Hello, I’m Rebecca! Welcome to Lower Mountain Love! Here you will find musings on motherhood, therapy, and plant-based, natural living in our little mountain home, as well as tips and tricks to enrich your life. Whether you are new to my site or have visited many times before, here is a little bit about me:

I am:

Mother to one active and amazing little boy. Expecting an equally amazing little girl in November 2017.

Wife to an architect. Happily married for 5 years.

Therapist – can often be found in session coming alongside other people to write and rewrite their life story.

Passionate about working with victims of sexual assault and childhood trauma.

Coffee fanatic – I prefer it hot, hot, hot, with a little steamed soy milk. Consuming decaf until baby girl gets here.

Introverted – Professional wallflower. I prefer to listen rather than to speak. Not the best person to invite to a party, but will always be available to talk one-on-one when you are going through a hard time.

Sensitive – See above. Extremely sentimental. Cried during every Disney movie I’ve ever seen. Don’t ask me to watch the new Beauty and the Beast again unless you’re providing the tissues.

Conscious parent to the best of my abilities. Co-sleeping, baby-wearing, gentle mama.

Love nothing more than watching my son explore his world and hearing his stories and observations.

Love warm sweaters and cozy days at home.

Plant-based – Lacto-vegetarian (no meat and no eggs) but I have a weakness for sharp cheddar. Always aiming to incorporate less dairy and more plants into my diet. Married to an omnivore and raising little plant-based babies.

Mediocre runner and yogi – aiming for progress, not perfection.

Health conscious – always trying to incorporate new healthy living tips into my family’s life.

Love to create – currently can be found making cozy baby and children’s items for my shop:

That is a little snapshot of who I am…. What about you? Introduce yourself in the comments!